Entrance Control

Entrance Control

It is a bar or pole pivoted to allow the boom to control vehicular access. Any kinds of access control units can be integrated (i.e Long range reader / biometric reader etc.)

The compact pedestrian Flap Barrier is designed to control pedestrians entering or existing restricted areas usually under high pedestrian traffic flow.

When a valid card is swiped, the electric flaps open and allow a single authorized access

A Metal Detector is a device that will help you to find various types of metal that may be carried by human beings or buried in dirt, sand, grass and even water

It is a X-ray baggage inspection system which provides an effective inspection on mail, hand-held baggage, luggage and other items.

Anti-theft system is any device or method used to prevent or detect the unauthorized appropriation of items considered valuable.

These are metal cylinder, with ultra-high resistance to impact & weather, ideally used where utmost safety and efficiency is required to restrict mainly vehicle entries

The 3 arms can rotate in one or two directions, controlled by an access control system or push button at a reception desk

FH Turnstile is used as same as WH Turnstile but with higher security i.e stops malfunction, jumping over the turnstile etc.